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What is Sealcoat?

Cracks in Asphalt Sealcoat is an asphalt protectant. It helps prevent premature aging and cracking of the surface. It also improves the look of asphalt by applying a dark, even color.

Although sealcoat is thick and will fill in tiny fissures, it is not a crack filler. Asphalt seatcoat will typically be applied via spray application. Before your driveway or parking lot is sealcoated, the product is hand applied to pavement edges or near buildings, sidewalks, etc., to avoid over-spray on those surfaces.

We add some sand to the sealcoat mixture so that the surface is not overly slick during wet or snowy conditions. Our tanks agitate the sealer to ensure uniform consistancy. (Not all commercial crews have equiment to add sand, and sealcoat purchased at home improvement stores also lacks sand.)

If your surface has some fine cracks, additional sand may be added to the mix to thicken it and help fill in small fissures in the asphalt.

Below are before and after photos. This job included sealcoating, hot pour crack fill, and re-painting of pavement markings.

Parking lot seal coated - before and after. Hot pour crack fill, sealcoat, lines repainted.

We use all professional equipment. Our rigs use hydraulic agitators to keep the sealcoat mixed and ensure an even application. Our sealcoat contains sand or slate to improve surface grip in wet conditions or on steep inclines.

One of our professional sealcoating rigs

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