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What is Crack Fill?

There are multiple options available for dealing with cracks in asphalt. Our experts will be happy to discuss your options with you. Here is an explanation of the most common solutions.

Hot Pour Crack Fill

Hot pour crack fill is a rubber which is applied at 380 degrees to cracks in an asphalt surface. It can fill cracks up to 1.5 inches wide. Crack fill helps protect the asphalt from damage which occurs when water enters cracks and freezes.

A crack treated with hot pour crack fill To repair cracks, our team first cleans the cracks out and burns away any vegetation. The hot crack fill is then applied to the crack, both filling it and creating a cap over the top of the crack to help prevent further damage and water penetration.

Generally, we recommend sealcoating after hot pour crack fill is applied. The crack filled area will still be visible, but the sealcoat will darken the pavement so that the filled crack will not contrast as much. The picture at left does NOT have any sealcoat applied over the filled crack. For an example of what the crack might look like after sealcoat is applied, please see our sealcoating page.

GatorPave Crack Fill

Areas of spider cracks may be treated with this crack fill product if they are not too severe and the sub-base has not been compromised. We apply this product using squeegees to work it deep into the cracks. The product does not patch over the top of the area, but fills in the fissures in the asphalt surface to help keep water out and protect against further deterioration of the asphalt.

The pictures below show before and after for this product. After the product cures, we overspray with sealcoat to help create a more uniform look. The cracked area is still discernable, however, its appearance is greatly improved. The picture below was taken BEFORE sealcoat was applied over the top.

A cracked area treated with GatorPave

Asphalt Patch

Severe cracking (or "alligator asphalt") may require removal and patching, as this usually indicates that the sub-base beneath the surface is loose or eroded. If left untreated, such areas will degenerate into pot holes. Our team can cut away the affected area, repair the sub-base by adding stone and recompacting it, and then patch the area with fresh asphalt.

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